Woman Shares One Last Day With Her Best Friend Before Making A Difficult Decision

If you could spend one more day with your best friend before they passed away, what would the two of you do?

This is the difficult question one Imgur user knew she’d have to answer when her dog, Hannah, got sick. The lovable pup began experiencing seizures that started off small, but eventually grew to be too much for the poor dog to handle. Hannah was given a variety of pills to deal with the pain, but it soon became clear that she was suffering too deeply.

That’s when Hannah’s mom made the difficult decision to let her best friend be at peace. Before doing so, however, she spent an incredible last day with the four-legged friend who had given her so many years of joy.

She was determined to give Hannah one final day filled with pampering and fun.

They started off by going to the groomer.

Then Hannah got a tattoo like the adorable badass she was.

She was a bit of a shopaholic and she needed an awesome outfit for her last big day.

She even got to chow down on some McDonald’s burgers!

Mom found it hard to muster up a smile, but she wanted one last family photo with her loyal friend.

Even though Hannah was in pain, she managed to let loose and have a little fun with her dog pals.

After a long day, this brave pup enjoyed some much-needed rest and relaxation.

But there was still time for a pedicure.

Like all good things, Hannah’s incredible life had to come to an end.

Although this dog is no longer with her favorite human, she’ll always be in her heart.

Rest in peace, Hannah.

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