When They Found Her, She Was Stuck In Freezing Water…But Watch What Happens Next

When Imgur user dangerm0use and her husband took her dad to visit Mount Glorious National Park in Queensland, Australia, they never expected to become heroes. But that’s exactly what happened when the trio saw something horrific as they were walking alongside a stream.

They thought they saw a platypus or even a kangaroo, but then realized that the poor critter was actually a dog.

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When they found her, she was exhausted from unsuccessfully trying to free herself.

After pulling her out of the water, they used some rope as a makeshift harness and tried to coax her up the steep embankment.

But when she slipped out of the harness and ran straight back down, they were back to square one.

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That’s when dangerm0use’s husband came up with the brilliant idea of grabbing a canvas bag from their car and using it to carry her out of there.

She was understandably a little worried that they’d drop her.

But they were able to avoid that by threading a strong branch through the bag’s handles, making it much easier to carry her up toward the road.

When they were finally out of there with this cutie in tow, they made their way back to the car.

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She was much happier after the trip home.

She looked pretty healthy, so they posted to a lost pets page on Facebook, believing that she belonged to somebody. Less than an hour later, they received a message and were overjoyed to discover that it was her owner.

He had been searching for her for weeks, never giving up hope when it came to finding his best friend. The dog — whose name they learned was Bobby — couldn’t have been happier to see him.

At first, they were heartbroken when the man told them his pup’s name was Bobby, since she was a female dog. That being said, he assured them that he named her Elly Bobby after Ricky Bobby from “Talladega Nights.” Watching them meet once again was an experience the clever rescuers will never forget.

These amazing people deserve a round of applause for reuniting Bobby and her dad. If you need me, I’ll be mopping up my tears.

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