We’ve All Been Passive-Aggressive To Our Neighbors But These 15 People Take The Cake

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new house or apartment, only to find out that you have a passive-aggressive neighbor.

I’ve had all types of neighbors. Loud, quiet, friendly, cold, the list goes on and on. I can put up with just about anything, except passive-aggression. A little sarcasm from my friends and family is one thing, but people who hardly know me? That’s another matter entirely!

These 15 Redditors have neighbors who are so passive aggressive, they’d make me want to move immediately. In some cases, however, the neighbors have epic comebacks that make it all seem worth it.

1. Not many people would be this rude — or use that many tacks — to get a simple message across.

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2. Well, at least they were specific?

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