Wendy Davis’ attack ad against Greg Abbott a ‘tasteless Hail Mary’ [video]


The Texas gubernatorial campaign of Wendy Davis has reached a desperate low with this attack ad on her Republican opponent Greg Abbott:

After getting justice for himself, Greg Abbott spent his career denying that same justice to other victims. WATCH: http://t.co/KpuBJdU5fa

— Wendy Davis (@WendyDavisTexas) October 10, 2014

What do you all think about this new @WendyDavisTexas ad against @GregAbbott_TX? https://t.co/8of3tOZe4X

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) October 10, 2014


New Wendy Davis ad begins: "A tree fell on Greg Abbot. He sued and got millions." http://t.co/yVHhSspEJm This will go over well, I'm sure.

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) October 10, 2014

Had to check this was really Wendy Davis' channel. Couldn't believe she'd use this as an attack ad. https://t.co/cTdAazqNQa it is. she did.

— Logan Dobson (@LoganDobson) October 10, 2014

The reviews are in: Awful, horrible and beyond desperate:

OMG, new Wendy Davis attack ad on Abbott features…an empty wheelchair: https://t.co/FJDwrcZBLM Wow. #TXGov

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) October 10, 2014

@guypbenson Then: Paul Ryan pushes lady in wheelchair off cliff. Now: Wendy Davis pushes Greg Abbott out of wheelchair.

— Jeryl Bier (@SpeakWithAuthor) October 10, 2014

#notwinning RT @guypbenson: OMG, new Wendy Davis attack ad on Abbott features…an empty wheelchair: http://t.co/NgiwvzQ8bm… Wow. #TXGov

— Mary Katharine Ham (@mkhammer) October 10, 2014

"A tree fell on Greg Abbott. He sued and got millions." — Wendy Davis' new ad. Um, terrible. http://t.co/3olowcEhhs

— Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) October 10, 2014

@lachlan a slow pan…of Abbott's wheelchair? Holy shit.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 10, 2014

"Eff it. Let's go after the cripple." http://t.co/kSaMx1JPfV

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 10, 2014

@jaketapper A tasteless "Hail Mary" by @WendyDavisTexas. @GregAbbott_TX

— ن Miké Ramoné ن (@ThePantau) October 10, 2014

These are the types of ads you run when you want to lose by 20% instead of just 15%. https://t.co/OQW3hZCw5h

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) October 10, 2014

No kidding. RT @moody: This kind of ad is a pretty sure sign that a candidate is desperate. https://t.co/JeVOeejjkn

— Brandon Morse (@TheBrandonMorse) October 10, 2014

So, @WendyDavisTexas finally gets desperate enough to go after the wheelchair. https://t.co/0RGDofWCYo

— Emily Zanotti (@emzanotti) October 10, 2014

What in the actual fuck is wrong with @WendyDavisTexas? That ad is absolutely disgusting.

— Tommy (@FirstTeamTommy) October 10, 2014

@rustyweiss74 Ya know, it takes a lot to make someone who lives in DC cringe these days…. that ad is awful. Wow.

— FreedomDork (@JackieBodnar) October 10, 2014

Friendly advice for the Davis camp:

Ominous music & an empty wheelchair? Stick to what you do best, @WendyDavisTexas: Defending late-term abortions. pic.twitter.com/CX8brt7cPv

— T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) October 10, 2014

.@WendyDavisTexas You know, you could have aborted that ad anytime before it went public. Legal even in Texas.

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) October 10, 2014

Just amazing.


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