Watch The Insane Emergency Landing This Plane Had To Make OMG!

A Boeing 767 can carry upwards of 375 passengers on any given flight. It’s a large, wide-bodied passenger plane that was invented for the sole purpose of carrying more people to their destinations quicker.

But when this Boeing 767’s landing gear failed, the crew had to prepare for an emergency landing that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. Luckily, the 231 passengers were in the hands of a 30-year veteran pilot, Tadeusz Wrona. He expertly communicated the situation to air traffic controllers and flew the 767 to safety without injuring a single person aboard the plane.

Watch the whole thing happen!

(via Reddit)

Everyone got off the plane unharmed and the touchdown seemed to be relatively smooth…as far as emergency landings go. I bet quite a few people on that plane were pretty apprehensive when they took their next flight.

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