Troye Sivan Has Been Remixing Pop Songs On Snapchat

Add DJ to the YouTuber’s lengthy resume.

1. Troye Sivan recently took a break from writing and recording his debut album to Snapchat a series of pop remixes he’s been making in his spare time.

2. It all began with this “accidental” update of Kesha’s “Tik Tok.”

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3. Good-bye cheesy synths, hello glittery alt-pop production!

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4. Then Miley Cyrus got involved…

TroyeSivan / Via

5. And things got really crazy.

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6. Troye teased a Katy Perry verse but if “Part Of My Wrecking Ball (Tik Tok)” mashup exists, the world didn’t get to hear it.

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7. Excited by his creation, the social media star put together a YouTube video “THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!” to celebrate. It ends with a short clip of an updated mashup: “Wrecking Ball That I Used To Know (Tik Tok).”

That’s right, Gotye got involved.

8. Troye has also been using Snapchat to share original music, including his first ever beat.

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9. And a live snippet of an upcoming song!

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10. Still no word on when the singer will release a proper single but maybe he should create a SoundCloud for these ~experiments~ to hold us over?

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