This Woman’s Incredible Two-Pound Transformation Proves That The Scale Means Nothing

Ask most people how they feel about their weight and they’ll probably say they wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds.

Mother of four Adrienne Osuna, however, is proving that health and fitness have nothing to do with numbers on a scale. For years, yo-yo dieting, along with four pregnancies and a miscarriage, had taken their toll on her body. After her youngest son turned one, she decided to quit dieting once and for all. Instead, she turned to lifting, intermittent fasting, and clean eating to make a lasting change.

Osuna’s results are absolutely mind-boggling. Although she’s lost only two pounds, she’s gained a ton of muscle and has a new, toned figure.

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Because muscle is denser and takes up less room than fat, a scale isn’t always the best measure of changes happening in a person’s body. In short, a pound of fat and a pound of muscle are of equal weight, but the fat takes up more room.

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