This Unfortunate Guy Was On A Dead-End Road When He Filmed Something Chilling

I can’t even imagine how terrifying it would be to have a stalker, let alone coming face-to-face with them.

While that wasn’t exactly the case for this guy, what happened to him on a lonely stretch of road may have been even worse.

YouTuber Mumpyphiog is no stranger to constant fear, because he’s convinced that someone has been following him around for months. After he supposedly received a text from this person asking to meet at an abandoned road called the Old Oak Path, he decided to go to see if he could find his stalker. He thought he was all alone after seeing no people or cars around, but after reviewing the footage he recorded there, he became even more frightened.

Keep your eyes on the background.

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While there’s no proof that the figure is his stalker, it seems pretty strange that they both happened to be in the same seemingly abandoned place at the same time. SHARE with your friends and family to see what they make of it.

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