This Takes Internet Addiction To A New Level Of Crazy. These People Need Help…LOL.

In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to go more than an hour with some sort of connection to the Internet. Computers, laptops, tablets, iPhones, everything… we’re always a click away from unlimited information and stupidity. So what happens when it goes from a part of life to an unhealthy obsession? This happens:

1. Never, ever borrow this girl’s laptop.

2. Dad of the Year.

3. Prioritize: Internet first, health second.

3. Laziness at its best.

4. The beach is nothing without my PC.

5. Creative… but no.

6. You, sir, have a problem.

7. The best part about this is that he woke up from a keyboard nap once, rolled over, and did it again.

8. WHAT.

9. Okay, I completely approve of this.

10. 4,393,294 soda calories later…

11. And then there’s this, which is just adorable.

I would make some kind of joke about these people being ridiculous, but I’m pretty sure I, too, would be holding on to my computer as I’m being dragged away to some crazy place like the beach or a party. There is no life outside of the computer…. right? Just don’t end up like this girl:


If you know someone who is way too obsessed, share this article with them. Maybe they’ll wake up their obsession and enjoy the outdoors. I can dream…

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