This Serial Killer-Inspired Clothing Line Is Just As Horrifying As You’d Imagine

Being a horror junkie, I can definitely understand our society’s fascination with serial killers.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that I do more research on them than anyone should — but even I’m disturbed by the murderer-inspired clothing line that these individuals created.

Kayla Arena and Toby Barron are behind the disgusting-looking clothes, which are modeled after the creations of Ed Gein, a man who killed two women and exhumed corpses to make a “woman suit” and furniture from their skin and bones. While Arena and Barron’s line is made out of latex, the items look so close to human skin, hair, and even eyelashes that they’d freak anyone out.

What woman in her right mind would ever want to wear this nightmare?

The hair and eyelashes add an especially horrifying touch.

If you prefer something a bit more masculine, why not try a wallet made out of men’s faces?

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