This Makeup Artist Creates Some Truly Terrifying Looks In Her Spare Time

Being a makeup artist requires a lot more skill than most people would assume, and 22-year-old Jessy Malone has a pretty insane level of talent. By day, she creates dream makeup looks for her clients. By night, however, she experiments on herself and comes up with some truly horrifying designs.

See what I mean?

“I get a lot of people telling me how weird I am for wanting to create these scary looks, but I love it,” she explained to Metro. “I think it’s really interesting and I wanted to do something different than the smokey eye and nice eyebrows look.”

Malone says she first got a taste for special-effects makeup while studying in college.

Surprisingly, she’s mostly self-taught. Malone picked up the bulk of her skills from YouTube tutorials. Her ultimate goal is to pursue special-effects makeup full time at some point.

“Everyone does think I’m bonkers for wanting to look horrible and scary, but I find it so fun and it’s such a creative thing for me to do in my spare time,” said Malone.

(via Metro)

Now that is cool. I can’t wait for her to get her first special-effects makeup gig! Any scary movie or show would be lucky to have her on board. For regular updates, be sure to follow Jessy Malone on Instagram.

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