This Little Mini-Pig Grew Into a Big Cutie. Plus, She Changed Her Owner’s Lives.

When Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins from Toronto, Canada, adopted a miniature pig two years ago, things didn’t exactly go as expected. They were prepared for the tiny porker to plump up to a possible 70 pounds, but she had surpassed that 8 months into pig parenthood by hundreds of pounds.

These pig parents were shocked, but were also dedicated to keeping the cutie, named Esther. She quickly became a beloved member of the family.

When they first adopted her, Esther weighted a petite 3 pounds.

She grew a bit too big for their home…

She now weighs in at 625 pounds.

She still fits right in with the rest of the family!

He’s probably explaining to her how cute she looks.

With the help of an Indiegogo campaign, they received $440,000 in donations to move with Esther to a farm.

The farm is a sanctuary for others like Esther who were abandoned and in need of a good home.

She also inspired them to change their eating habits and become vegans.

Who would want to give up this gorgeous girl??

Pig smooches!

What a goofball.

Looks like someone is hungry.

She’s so well behaved.

Sweet swine dreams.

(via LifeBuzz.)

I may never eat bacon again after this. You can follow all of Esther’s farm adventures on Facebook and on her parents’ website.

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