This Little Lamb Was Born With A Disability, But Look At How Her Humans Helped Her

Lily the lamb was born a little different.

The adorable runt of a three-lamb litter was so scrunched up in the womb that she came into the world with deformed legs. Abandoned by her mom, the vet said she’d have to be put down, but wanting to give Lily a fighting chance at a happy life, owner Janell Jeansen decided to welcome the lamb into her family as one of her own.

As the cute fluff ball got bigger, her legs struggled to cope with the extra weight, so much so that eventually she could no longer use them. That’s when the family found a wheelchair online that was perfect for Lily to zip around without a care in the world.


Where there is a wheel, there’s a way. Of course, new ride aside, it’s the love of her new family that will help Lily go the distance.

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