This Little Boy Trusted His Mom, But She Betrayed Him In The Worst Way

On February 9, a woman noticed a mother “acting strangely” while holding her three-year-old son on a bridge railing near Rotary Park in Ajax, Ontario.

Concerned, the woman immediately walked over and began talking to the 29-year-old mom in hopes of getting the two to follow her off of the bridge. They all began walking toward a parking lot, but the woman realized that the mom and her child were gone when she turned around. Then she saw the mother leading her son toward a beach, where she soon held him under the freezing water.

Fortunately, another man noticed what was going on and rushed over with the woman to help the struggling toddler.

They quickly brought him back to the shore and wrapped him in warm clothing before an ambulance took him to the hospital. Temperatures that day dropped below 8 degrees Fahrenheit.

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