This Little Boy Made An Innocent Mistake, But It Ended Up Costing Him His Life

Many children wet the bed, but some parents are far less understanding than others.

Some kids are even punished for their accidents, but what this five-year-old’s stepfather did to him was abuse. After the little boy named Yanis from northern France recently urinated in his bed during the night, he was forced outside in nothing but his underwear and socks. On February 5, he was found dead near a canal.

After his 30-year-old stepdad discovered the wet bed, he reportedly put the child outside and made him run in the middle of the night.

Yanis’ parents called an ambulance when they found him unconscious on a street near their home, but he was dead when officers arrived. Police believe that he died from a cardiac arrest after being forced to run.

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Police also say that Yanis’ body showed signs of previous physical abuse, including head injuries and a broken nose.

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