This Kitty Broke Me Down. By The Last Photo In This Post, I Was In Tears.

A female Siamese cat was found seriously hurt on the side of the road. The officer that discovered her didn’t even think she was alive. That’s when things took a turn for the unbelievable – and heartwarming. Check out this cat’s  journey. It’s incredible.

An officer found the kitten by the side of the road. He thought she was dead until he got close enough to see her breathing.

She had severe trauma to her eye, her pelvis was fractured, her sternum was cracked and she had muscular damage to her right leg.

A woman who worked at the animal clinic fell in love with the brave cat and brought her home after surgery.

After a week of healing, she began to come out of the haze.

She was still pretty roughed up in this photo, but this was when she began to become interested in her surroundings. She was on her way out of the woods.

Finally, the cat was able to bear some of her own weight!

Her mommy named her Beatrix Kiddo, and a couple of weeks after her surgery she was let out of the room she was confined in while she healed.

Bea was so happy to explore. Discovering what a couch was was an epic moment for this kitty.

As Bea grew healthier, she remembered that she was a Siamese and began chattering away to her owner.

You can’t even tell that she wasn’t able to sit up on her own just a month ago.

Bea and her new family.

Never give up on animals, the strength they possess will surprise you.

Now, the one-eyed Beatrix is as happy as a clam with her new family. Nothing can keep a good kitty down. Source

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