This Isn’t Your Average Painting. In Fact, It’s Somewhere You Won’t Believe.

A lot of women use makeup to transform themselves on a daily basis, but they’re usually never this creative. Sure, we may add some blush to our cheeks or make our eyebrows stand out a bit more, but we usually keep our lipstick to a simple red or pink shade.

That’s not the case for London-based hair and makeup artist Laura Jenkinson. She occasionally decides to go a little outside the lines with her lips. And by “a little,” I mean “a lot.”

Take a look at her whimsical take on some of our favorite Disney characters!

Mickey Mouse

Timon from The Lion King

Pumbaa from The Lion King

Chip from Beauty of the Beast

Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

Nemo from Finding Nemo

Dory from Finding Nemo

(via Reddit.)

Meanwhile, I’m still having trouble with trying to give myself cat eyes with eyeliner. You can find more of her funny faces over on her blog

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