This Is Why You Always Ask For Multiple References When You Hire A Contractor…

Redditor warmarrer thought his mom was in good hands when a contractor agreed to build her a deck…but it turns out the builder was going through some serious stuff. Instead of replacing the deck, the hired hand decided to just attach the new boards to the old, rotting ones. Oh, and he also wrote deeply sad things on the wood.

Feel free to play this sad trombone sound after every picture of this guy’s deckpressions.

Hey buddy, how you feeling? Oh…

I imagine this is how he orders at the bar, too.

Well, it will end when you finish this deck and get off Mom’s lawn…

Okay, now I’m starting to get worried.

If this is how you normally do business…I might have an answer.

But you’re getting paid, Tom! Cheer up!


*Looks at watch.* I mean, technically it’s only been an hour…

Now you’re just being dramatic, Tom.

Like…they were physically longer? Or they just took longer to make? You know you’re not building a pyramid, right Tom? Just checking.

And now he’s communicating in hieroglyphs…

Okay, so the guy is a little eccentric, but how does the deck look? …Not great.

He just used the boards from the old deck. Did he run out of wood or something?

Welp, this is why you ask for multiple references when hiring a contractor.

Turns out the contractor was arrested for “unrelated matters” and never finished the job.

While scrolling through the comments of the original Reddit post, many contractors came forward to say it’s actually pretty common for them to write secret messages on wood as a lark…but these were a little too troubling to be a joke. Here’s hoping this guy gets the help he needs!

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