This Is What Thanksgiving Would Look Like If Famous Artists Prepared Your Meal

Personally, I see every piece of food I’m about to chow down on as its own beautiful work of art. This photographer, however, takes that a little more literally in her Thanksgiving series.

Titled “Thanksgiving Special” and “Thanksgiving Special: Seconds,” Hannah Rothstein recreates the traditional meal with a whole new perspective. “This series turns the Thanksgiving meal on its head,” she explains, “giving people reason to reconsider that which they thought they knew.”

Channeling the themes of famous artists over the years, she transforms all the turkey, stuffing, and sauce into impressive interpretations of Picasso, Pollock, and more. Each plate took between 30 minutes and two hours to arrange, depending on the artist’s complexity. I think you’ll agree, she totally nailed it again and again.

René Magritte denies whipping up these perfect portions.

Jackson Pollock…or your toddler?

Pablo Picasso doesn’t like to conform to your idea of a “dish.”

Vincent Van Gogh makes the meal a majestic treat.

At least Andy Warhol didn’t make them pop the corn.

Keith Haring will get you on your feet.

Gustav Klimt likes to add shine to his stuffing.

Salvador Dali makes you wonder if calories still count when they’re surreal.

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Georgia O’Keefe makes it kind of awkward to sit next to your grandma at dinner.

Jean-Michel Basquiat crowns the carbs.

Rothstein offers special limited edition prints of the photos on her Etsy shop and, for this year’s series, directly through her site. Proceeds from those sales are contributed to the SF Marin Food Bank and would make perfect holiday gifts for your art-loving friends or family.

You can also find more of Rothstein’s artwork on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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