This Is The Most Insane ‘Medical’ Treatment I’ve Ever Seen…It Also Looks Painful

Recently, Olympic swimmers introduced the general public to cupping, an alternative therapy believed to promote healing and improve blood flow.

But it’s not the only kind of alternative medicine that looks terrifying.

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While these practices might be popular in some cultures, whether or not they are effective is still up for debate. Acupuncture is a practice that falls into this category. However, acupuncture is just one kind of needle therapy. There are other, more extreme versions out there.

One of those is python needle therapy…

If the name sounds bad, just wait until you see it in action.


My back hurts just watching this.


While the whole point of this procedure is to hit trigger points, release tension, and improve mobility, it looks like it would do the opposite.

Honestly, it kind of looks like crude surgery…only without the painkillers.

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