This French Photographer Blends Movies And Real Life Together Pixel Perfectly.

You know the feeling when you’re watching a movie and you desperately wish you could jump through the screen and join in the fun? Well, while we wait on scientists to make that a thing (c’mon already, scientists!), French photographer François Dourlen uses his iPhone to do the opposite: blending movies into our real world. Dourlen somehow manages to find the perfeect location for each famous frame, bringing the movie magic to life. So cool!

The Lion King

Back to the Future


The Lord of the Rings

Despicable Me

E.T.: The Extra-terrestrial

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Die Hard


Shrek 2

Alice in Wonderland


The Aristocats

You can check out more, including TV shows and everyday moments, on his Facebook. And be sure to share the fun with friends using the link below!

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