This DIY Solution To Organize Spices In A Tiny Kitchen Is Nothing Short Of Genius

Even if you don’t have a tiny kitchen, it’s pretty much a given that your spice storage is not organized (read: it’s a mess).

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Sure, there are fancy spice-specific storage solutions, but what if your problems are space and being able to see all the spices at a glance? Well, Imgur user pomax found a way to solve both issues!

With around 70 large mason jars full of spices, the six cases that housed them threatened to take over his kitchen.

The present storage solution was stacking them under the counter. It just wasn’t working anymore, and it was constantly difficult to find the desired spice efficiently.

That’s when he noticed a mason jar-sized space beside his refrigerator and came up with a genius plan to build a roll-out spice rack.

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