This Couple’s Wedding Day Got Way More Memorable Thanks To Unexpected Guests.

Brides usually spend months (and sometimes years) planning every detail of their big day. The dress, the cake, the vows…everything needs to be just right. You only (ideally) do this once in your life, so it’s important nothing goes wrong. There’s always one thing you don’t expect at your wedding, so it’s important to have a good sense of humor about it.

This beautiful couple from Newcastle, Australia wanted a picture perfect wedding. To achieve this, they traveled all the way to Greece to say their vows on the scenic island of Santorini. 

The happy couple, Matt and Kerry Glen, were surprised to see some unexpected guests during the ceremony.

Contestants in Red Bull’s parkour competition leaped over their heads while they captured their wedded bliss.

Here with her dad, Kelly is in good spirits about the whole thing. Now their photos are even more memorable!

(via BuzzFeed.)

It still looks like it was a gorgeous day for everyone! The newlyweds posted photos of the hilarious coincidence on Reddit, and are currently enjoying travels around Europe as a married couple. Congratulations!

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