Think This Is A Bird’s Nest? Just Wait ‘Til He Touches It…This Is The WORST!

The defense for daddy longlegs spiders has always been that they are practically harmless to humans. I would like to give the following counterpoint — they are hideous and gross and just plain terrible.

As evidence for my accusation, I’d like to submit into evidence this really creepy video of a guy angering a twisted mass of daddy longlegs with a stick. The first thing you’re going to see is something that looks like a bird’s nest, but you’ll soon realize it’s not a bird’s nest at all.


The instigator in this daddy longlegs riot, YouTuber happysmurfday says he thinks that the spiders were huddled together for warmth, as it was a particularly cold day for Arizona, where this video was taken. Maybe if the spiders were cold, he should have thrown them into a fire? Just a suggestion…

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