These Tiny Houses Weren’t Built To Be Trendy — Their Real Purpose Is So Important

Though a lot of progress has been made over the years to end veteran homelessness, many still don’t have a place to call home.

One group, however, is making a big and quite admirable impact to help homeless veterans. The Veterans Community Project, made up of “veterans helping veterans,” is on a mission to provide transitional housing to help our war heroes readjust to everyday life. With the help of donations from community members, they’ve built 50 tiny homes in what they call the Veterans Village in Kansas City, Missouri. The best part? Veterans can live there for free!

In addition to being provided with food and necessities, occupants will also have a sense of community. A nearby community center is even under construction right now, where they can take classes and receive counseling to cope with trauma.

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Each house is about the size of a studio apartment and costs around $10,000 to build.

They also have full kitchens and bathrooms.

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