These Puzzles Are Popular, And With Good Reason — Can You Find What’s Hiding?

If you need a sure-fire way to unleash your inner moron, these are the puzzles for you. Illustrator Dudolf has done everything in his pen-wielding power to make us all feel like imbeciles, and all he had to do in the process was doodle a few snowmen and owls.

These are basically his most popular creations, because we’re all gluttons for punishment and somehow feel like this test of idiocy will be better for our delicate psyches than the last.

Here are some adorable owls. There’s nothing else in there. Just owls. Kidding! Find the cat, puny humans.

These are snowmen, but LOLJK one is a panda. He’s about as easy to find as your motivation to do anything at all ever.

If you really want to put your fragile sense of self-worth to the test, find the four-leaf clover in this precious, pig-filled hellscape.

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Dudolf seems like a great guy, and his adorable creations could make anyone squeal with delight…and then sadness, because this really shouldn’t put such a mental strain on us, but here we are.

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