These Photos of Abandoned Asylums Are Hauntingly Beautiful.

American photographer Jeremy Harris is a big fan of abandoned things. His latest fascination? Abandoned mental institutions. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Harris said after he photographed his first one back in 2006, he was hooked.

Since then he’s traveled across the country documenting America’s abandoned and decaying mental institutions. The result is a photo series called “American Asylums.” 

The photos are breathtaking and will make you feel more than a little uneasy. However it’s natural to feel that way when we’re faced with such a dark part of our collective history. Check out a few pictures from the series. 

(Via: Huffington Post)

Erie. Imagine being forced to spend your entire life within those walls. Makes you think. Like what you’ve seen here? Make sure to check out Harris’ website or Facebook page for even more amazing photos.

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