These Men Saw A Pup In Need And Saved Him From Certain, Icy Death

We all learned from “Titanic” that no one lasts long in cold waters.

When a road crew in Russia saw a stray dog fall into an icy lake, they jumped in a boat and set out to rescue him.

Maneuvering the boat proved to be difficult, as the men had to break apart the ice bit by bit with oars in order to move forward. You can hear the poor pup, who was no doubt only moments from freezing to death, barking for help the whole time.

Watch as the men desperately try to reach the dog. Of all the animal rescues I’ve seen, this one made my heart pound the most.

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Later, the pup was taken to an animal shelter. I hope they turned the heat up for him. I’m freezing just by watching that!

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