These Life Hacks May Be The Most Brilliant Yet. I Have To Try Them All.

To be honest, I’m so done with most of the “hacks” you find online. A lot of them actually take more time, and sometimes I don’t mind being inefficient. However, there are some tips that really do make a lot of sense and save time, energy and money and cut down on headaches. These may seem like common sense. You may even think “Hey, I knew that.” 

But once you actually take the time to go through with these life hacks, you’ll be so thankful you did.

1.) If you’re worried about missing something important, you can also have these emails rerouted to your spam folder or to a special folder. Just remember to check it.

2.) This is useful if you’re looking to hang something on the wall.

3.) We’re all for breakfast foods, but we hope you choose something healthy. And make sure to seal everything because desk drawers are favorite places for mice.

4.) Lists are lifesavers! You can put all your tasks in order of priority to better manage your time. And it’s so satisfying to cross something off once it’s complete!

5.) Yeah, no one has time for Amy from Credit Services (or Christine, or Rachel, or whatever she’s calling herself these days).

6.) Efficient, and probably really, really fun. You might need safety goggles.

7.) This one is a lifesaver and it really works. You might have to dial it a few times (speaking from experience) but it will usually land you a real live human who can help you.

8.) Or, you know, stream stuff. Whatever.

9.) Finally, the answer to our prayers!

10.) Basically, quit cutting it close!

11.) Don’t just daydream… really use your time.

12.) It seems like common sense, but once you do it? Heaven.

13.) Stop being lazy and start working out!

(via Izismile)

There, doesn’t that feel a lot better? By making everything you do a little bit more efficient and productive, you can drastically improve your own life.

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