These Famous Ghost Animals Will Make A ‘Fraidy Cat Out Of You.

There are many well-documented cases of people spotting or being haunted by ghosts (i.e., the spirits of dead people). Those spirits may even be effecting the housing market, but what about the spirits of those who aren’t human? Can animals also be ghosts?

Believe it or not, there have been multiple reports of furry phantoms lurking here on Earth. It’s hard to say why they stayed behind, but it has happened. Check out some of these unusual ghosts and their favorite haunts:

1.) Supposedly, Rudolph Valentino’s Great Dane, Kabar, haunts the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery. He has been known to give visitors ghostly licks and nudges from beyond the grave.

2.) The Hollenburg Station in Hanover, Kansas, is said to be haunted by the horses of the Pony Express. The sound of invisible hooves have been heard in the area during the night. I imagine similar phantom hooves will be heard outside the post office in five years if email gets any easier.

3.) Stampede Mesa is the site of a massive stampede that, legend says, continues to this day. It doesn’t matter that the cattle died more than a hundred years ago. An old man was angry at a couple cowboys and to get back at them he spooked their cattle. That started a stampede that killed the two cowboys and most of the herd. Visitors say if you listen closely enough, you can still hear the cattle lowing their last.

4.) Would you expect to see a monkey in Whales, let a lone a ghost monkey who laughs like a man? Sir Roland Rhys lived in the Carew Castle with his pet monkey who taught to mimic is own laugh. After Sir Roland and his monkey were inexplicably murdered, it is said that the monkey’s spirit still roams its halls, filling the halls with his owners eery laughter.

5.) In our nation’s capitol, ‘D.C’ could also stand for ‘demon cat’ for there has long been legend of a phantom feline who haunts the buildings of the district, including the White House. Originally, the cat was brought in to help with the capitol’s rat problem, but then mutated into something much more. He even has been said to be able to predict national tragedies, including the JFK assassination and the stock market collapse. So expect him to be pundit on Meet The Press sometime soon.

6.) Remember in Gladiator when Russell Crowe had to fight those scary tigers? Think how scary they are now that they have ghost powers! Tourists have reported hearing the cries of slaughtered animals in the ancient Colosseum long after they took a chunk out of Russell Crowe’s shoulder.

7.) There is a popular legend in Britain of a black dog ghost whose appearance usually signals death. There numerous appearance in all the islands of Great Britain has inspired storytellers as diverse as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and J.K Rowling.

8.) Speaking of Britain, one night while protecting the Tower Bridge in London, a guard encountered a bear. When the guard tried to apprehend the bear, his fingers went right through the beast, making the guard come to the conclusion that this bear was ghostlier than the average bear. The guard died of fright some nights later.

The term “spirit animal” just took on a whole new, scary meaning. It’s not every day you see a ghost… but an animal ghost? Even creepier. Share these tales of wild phantoms by clicking on the button below.

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