These Bear Cubs Were In Quite The Pickle Until Our Heroes Came Along.

Imagine living near the woods and waking in the middle of the night to a horrible cry for help. What would you do? Would you spring into action and risk facing whatever creature made such terrible sounds? Or would you pretend not to hear it, and fall back asleep?

Last week, one Wisconsin woman had to make this very real decision. And what she did next… wow. 

A resident of Milltown, Wisconsin heard desperate cries for help coming from the woods one evening. After approaching a tree, she noticed a small snout protruding from a tiny hole in the tree trunk.

Wary of what was stuck in the tree, or if it was actually stuck, the woman decided to check back in a day. Sure enough, she saw the same snout, and quickly called the authorities. Local police came and discovered two small bear cubs inside the hole, who were too big to crawl out.

The Fire Department came to the scene to cut holes big enough for the cubs to crawl out of. Which they DID, much to everyone’s delight.

You need to see the full holes they cut for these wanna-be Pooh bears!

(H/T KARE 11 / The Dodo)

According to a wildlife specialist at the scene, the cubs were in good condition and only slightly dehydrated. They were offered watermelon, and soon scampered into the woods in search of their mother. Something tells us momma bear is pretty worried about them. We just hope they find her soon!

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