These Awesome Gifs Were Made Even More Hilarious By Using Photoshop.

Animated “.gifs” can be used in a variety of different ways. They can be used to show an emotion without using any words, they can make your friend laugh, and they can annoy the hell out of people. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but .gifs are moving images that are worth like…I don’t know, a billion?

What these people did to these .gifs with some clever Photoshop work is hilarious. And ridiculous.

1.) The Force is strong in this one.

2.) Ahhh, so that’s what it would look like in real life.

3.) Run Homer, run!

4.) I wish that happened every time I opened my mouth.

5.) Dude is PUMPED up.

6.) Talk about stabbing a person in the back!

7.) Level up!

8.) He’s lovin’ it!

9.) Get that burger!

10.) Aww, Batman. Chin up.

11.) Saved.

12.) Well, he DOES have a rocket for an arm.

Click ‘Next Page‘ to see the rest. I can’t stop laughing at the last one!

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