These 20 Photos Will Make You Look At Least Twice. They’re Amazingly Perfect.

Robert Rickhoff is a great photographer. He takes ordinary scenes and brings out the “Wow” factor in them. And not in a intrinsic way. Instead, he shows us things we’ve never seen before. Seriously, check these out and tell me they aren’t awesome…

1. Wow, I wish my imagination worked like this.

2. Grand-prix Grandpa.

3. Challenge accepted.

4. What does that say?

5. Slam Goooaaaal.

6. Talk about a drive-thru.

7. I don’t know what I’d do with this. 😉

8. So cool!

9. Time waits for no one.

10. Train bump.

11. Lol.

12. I can never find a space. Now I know why.

13. Hmm.

14. TP!

15. Oh boy.

16. LOL.

17. I’m really not sure.

18. Obstacle course time…

19. Now that is really cool.

20. 🙂

Did you see #15? I seriously had to stop and reconsider some stuff after that one. Source: Imgur If you think as highly of Robert’s work as I do, please share it with others below.

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