These 20 People Definitely Shouldn’t Have Done Repairs Themselves. D.I.Why?!

You have to admire those who can fix things on their own, but you don’t have to be one, and definitely shouldn’t try to if you’re not. It’s a complete waste of your time–oh, and really dangerous. There is one thing that D.I.Y. fails are good for though, a laugh. See if you can hear yours over the sounds of people cursing their self-made repairs in the distance.

1.) “Which button is the brakes?”

2.) No doorbell?

3.) It’s okay to swing for the fences.

4.) The best part is that it makes your boots smell like chili.

5.) “Oh, god forbid YOU have to put in any effort.”

6.) Don’t keep your good ideas bottled up.

7.) “Um, does this foie gras taste a little bit like tape to anyone else?”

8.) “Of course it’ll work, I used tape.”

9.) Sittin’ Sidewayz.

10.) Once you pop, the car will stop.

11.) Does that mean the toilet is broken too?

12.) Not their brightest idea.

13.) The bottle opener is totally unnecessary, we bought canned beer.

14.) Size does matter.

15.) It might be time to reflect.

16.) Who said ties look professional?

17.) I’d like to buy the world a muffler.

18.) So much for German engineering.

19.) Pen is not your pal.

20.) It’s a classic look.

I think the people who I feel the worst for in these situations are the friends. How do you casually bring up that the handlebars on their bicycle is just an N64 controller? You have to mention it, right? You can’t let a pal unwittingly use an N64 controller to ride around town. Especially without a Rumble Pak. Share this post using the button below.

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