These 20 Good Samaritans Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

With all of the terrible examples of humanity we come across daily in the news, it’s easy to lose faith in people.

I’m definitely guilty of looking at others more negatively than I should — I think we all are sometimes. But fortunately, there are Good Samaritans in the world who can brighten our views of humanity with their simple acts of kindness.

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Get ready for your heart to warm when you see all these awesome people taking the time to help out others.

1. This person was the victim of a hit-and-run, but a kind stranger wrote the perpetrator’s license plate number on the car in lipstick.

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2. Thanks to the person who left this hilarious note, the car owner avoided a nasty experience.

3. This guy dropped his wallet in the ocean and thought it was lost forever, but someone found it and mailed it to him 24 YEARS later.

4. This Good Samaritan got out of his car to push a disabled man’s wheelchair uphill during a thunderstorm.

5. If only all coworkers were as nice as this guy.

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6. These thoughtful men went out of their way to fix a woman’s flat tire.

7. She would have never found out who hit her car without the help of someone’s note.

8. Helping animals is just as important to this individual.

9. Redditor altiif forgot his wallet at a Wendy’s drive-through, but this employee paid for his meal.

10. Going through the process of getting another ID would have been such a pain for Joseph, but he didn’t have to thanks to this stranger.

11. This pup was starving on the streets, but thanks to her rescuer, she’s living the good life now.

12. This man ran to help a police officer who was overtaken by the person he was trying to arrest.

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13. Redditor kestrelrogue saw a car’s window rolled down in the rain, so he thoughtfully covered it up.

14. A woman lost her key while hiking, but another awesome hiker found it for her.

15. When a man fractured his kneecap after hitting black ice on his bike, two women came straight to his aid.

16. Getting stuck on the highway is scary and stressful, but this guy eased these womens’ worries.

17. This man saved a woman’s life.

Cool bald savior, WTF girl (at least until she saw it on video), asshole car driver.

18. This woman lost her wallet at a football game, but a Good Samaritan found it and mailed it back to her.

19. A helpful reminder saved this guy a bunch of money.

20. It would have been easy for the person who found this wallet to run up all the credit cards, but they mailed it back to the rightful owner.

Doesn’t the world feel like such a better place after seeing all of those good deeds? It definitely restored my faith in humanity — and I’m betting it brought yours back, too.

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