These 14 Dogs Prove That Nothing’s Better Than Being Greeted By A Happy Pup

It’s Monday morning, and you’re in denial that your alarm is going off and it’s time to begin yet another work week. “Where did the weekend go?” you ask yourself as you inch your way out from under the covers. After a hearty breakfast and your third cup of coffee, it’s time to make the agonizing commute to work.

But don’t fret, because in just eight hours, you’ll be greeted at the door by your favorite fur babies who are ready to show you a little love. And for those of us without pets at home, here are 14 dogs that would be more than happy to see you walk through the door!

1. “You came to get us! Thank goodness!”

2. I wonder if they do that every day. Seems exhausting!

3. “Good, you’re home. Now let’s go for a swim!”


5. “Don’t ever leave me alone again!”

6. Just wait…that tail wag, though!

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7. This golden retriever will even hang up your coat for you.

8. “I wasn’t expecting you to be home for another hour.”

9. “Hooman! You are home!”

10. This pup can’t contain all that joy!

11. “I haven’t left this spot since you left.”

12. Dance it out, friend.

13. She was probably doing that for the entire day.

14. Now THESE are the ultimate homecomings.

Well, I don’t have a dog, and I now realize that I’ve been screwing up. I need to see one of these faces after work every day!

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