These 10 Quotes From A Poll About Women’s Ability To Vote Will Make Your Blood Boil

On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment was officially ratified to the U.S. Constitution, granting women the right to vote.

Of course, many didn’t agree with that change at the time, which isn’t very surprising. However, it might shock you to see just how many people actually still believe this.

A poll was created recently on, asking whether women should be allowed to vote. Almost half of the respondents say no, and an alarming number of the comments are so ridiculous that your head might just explode if you happen to be a woman.

1. “Heterosexual women are too emotional to vote. Women, for the better parts of their days, live in a fantasy world and whichever candidate makes them ‘feel’ good at the current moment will get the vote. Whomever can get the most hand claps in a crowded arena is enough to take the straight woman vote. It is very little about the politics.”

2. “Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote because it would ruin a perfectly working system. Also they belong at home taking care of kids as well as cooking and cleaning while the men are out working, fighting in the war, and bringing money to support the family. Women shouldn’t have been given the vote from the start because they could consult with their husband on who to vote for and the husband could go vote on behalf of the family.”

3. “I am a woman (aged 30), and I have to agree that we (women) are too emotional and not rational or logical enough to have the right to vote. Most women are intelligent but we allow our emotions to take over and we don’t often think straight. I have never voted because we should not have the right to vote. Men are often naturally more level headed, rational and logical and understand politics better that women do.”

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4. “Women are not supposed to take decisions or influence others, as you can see Jesus was no woman, and also Adam was the first to be created and then, as complement, Eva. Women are very helpful and they are of course needed on this society, however as everything on nature they have their place, and politics or decision making is not one of them, you wouldn’t want me to breast feed my children, right?”

5. “Women have not earned the right to vote, it was really given to them by men. It could of went the other way if the leaders of society back then were not as nice and decided ‘nope, not going to let them vote.’ And even worse, they claim that men are worthless despite that the iPhone and laptop they use was invented by men, and even the luxuriant lifestyle they live is built on the backbone and spilled blood of hard working men that created our current society. They continue to be hypocrites (wanting equal rights, but using men for financial gain) and expecting to be taken care of financially by higher earning men despite choosing to have low earning majors.”

6. “Democracy itself is not a Biblical form of civil government and historically has generally declined into totalitarianism. Giving women the vote will only accelerate this process. God did not give to women the role of government except in the home and then subordinate to the husband. It does not at all bother me that the majority of people think differently. Truth is never determined by numbers. The Word of God is the rule. History will show the full story of what will become of our modern democracies. They are already crumbling and individual liberties are being curtailed more and more. Totalitarianism is already on the rise in western democracies.”

7. “Women can’t be drafted or serve in combat positions. This is so unfair. Why should men have to risk their lives for others who aren’t doing the same. Obviously women want it to stay this way, because currently they can vote, and they have not elected Congressmen (noticed the intentional omission of “and Congresswomen”) who oppose this. Who was required to leave the Titanic last? Again men are always expected by society to act courageously and stuff. Unfair.”

8. “You can’t show me one woman that has a strong opinion on womans rights to vote and also has a strong opinion on keeping men and women and their families together. Women are very dubious and will take any opportunity the minute it suits them regardless of who it hurts. They have a retaliative personality and not a mindful and methodical one. Not that they aren’t smart, they are just more focused on their own ideas on things (usually) and will screw over any guy that would in another situation be helping them. Also pretty girls can’t be trusted. All this together is why I believe women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Not to mention not a one of them has a true intention of dying for anyone other than themselves. I see them as having the weakest personality and being THE WEAKEST part of our culture (I’m talking about white women here)”

9. “Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or hold positions of power for one simple reason. Most women make decisions based on EMOTIONS instead of FACT. As we are now seeing, a government heavily influenced by women will be overrun with bleeding heart social programs (expanding welfare state) even in the wake of much bigger problems (faltering economy). The FACT is that we don’t have the money for these social programs. However, since women have been allowed in to the political world, the EMOTIONAL response allowing these social programs has been HUGE!”

10. “Most women like to heap all the household chores and responsibilities onto men and enough is enough. Usually a women will ask her husband to take out the garbage and make sure the taxes are done and mow the lawn and other such things necessary for running the house. Now on top of that they are trying to slough off another responsibility onto the already overburdened shoulder of men…The household vote. Deciding on which candidate to vote for is an important decision and one that takes lot of careful thought and concentration…Two areas women traditionally do not excel in…However this does not give them the right to make more demands of men to take on the responsibility of voting. It’s time women started doing their fair share and that includes the hard work of deciding on and casting a vote. It won’t be easy for them but it’s about time their started carrying their share of the load.”

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The only way to end this is to throw in an answer from the opposite side:

“Women are not second-class citizens even though some may think otherwise, cavemen died out long ago. We are not some frail thing with no brain. If we are going to take away a woman’s right to vote, why stop there? I know plenty of men who have trouble using a video game and need my help.”

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