The #twittergulag saga continues: @gopfirecracker suspended, others still trapped; Update: @gopfirecracker’s account restored!/CnservativePunk/status/204760550926856193

#freegopfirecracker #freegopfirecracker #freegopfirecracker #freegopfirecracker

— PATRIOT FOREVER (@DaleHolt8) May 22, 2012

Come on conservatives! Everyone rallied around @ChrisLoesch when he was suspended! Now its @gopfirecracker so stand up! #freegopfirecracker

— Ron (@RGSees) May 22, 2012

Hey @twitter and @support#FreeGOPfirecracker's account has been suspended. Please fix this mishap. Thank you.

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) May 22, 2012

The conservative Twitter community remains ever-vigilant against the online Left’s Coordinated Spam-Block Bloc. We’ve tracked it for a month now since the unjust suspension of @Freemarket_US in April, then through the confirmed coordinated attack on @ChrisLoesch less than week after that, and then the suspension and release of @ShaneWright22 (also confirmed as a Coordinated Spam-Block bloc attack) and many others earlier this month.

Tonight, conservative Twitter activists sent word that an editor from Misfit Politics, @gopfirecracker, had her account suspended.

Another Twitter user suspended tonight: @orwellforce

Hey everyone. It seems that @orwellforce has been suspended. Apparently, no reason given by @twitter. WTF?

— RB (@RBPundit) May 22, 2012!/HoagTim/status/204770276347625473

We’ve let some Twitter powers-that-be know and hope that they’ll be sprung soon.

But we agree with the exasperation expressed here:

Seriously, @twitter? I love you, but how long be4 the ability 2 stifle free speech is no longer a part of the platform? #FreeGOPFirecracker

— Jeremy Colonna (@SmoovJC) May 22, 2012

@michellemalkin When is @twitter going to suspend those falsely reporting as spam! This has to Stop! It's ridiculous!

— Infidel (@PhyIis) May 22, 2012

Some steps to remember if you get Twitter Gulag’ed.

1. File a ticket. Twitter can’t help unless you do this.

2. Take screenshots if possible. Make a list of the Twitter users you were tweeting with before your suspension and note the subjects you were discussing.

3. Give Twitter a little time — at least 24-48 hours.

4. Notify @FreeChrisLoesch and @TWlTTERGULAG, two accounts that keep running tallies of users trapped in #twittergulag.

5. Make noise! Keep making noise!

What happens in #TwitterGulag DOESN'T STAY in @TWlTTERGULAG #CloseTwitterGulag @Support @GOV Free @JohnGaltSays @MadManCrow @LoneRanger321

— #FreeTahmooressi (@freechrisloesch) May 21, 2012

What happens in #TwitterGulag DOESN'T STAY in @TWlTTERGULAG #CloseTwitterGulag @Support @GOV Free @Bright_Falcon @DebbieWarrick @TweeteError

— #FreeTahmooressi (@freechrisloesch) May 21, 2012

What happens in #TwitterGulag DOESN'T STAY in @TWlTTERGULAG #CloseTwitterGulag @Support @GOV Free @Trusgnichsilver @FrankRBottom @Beedubya2

— #FreeTahmooressi (@freechrisloesch) May 21, 2012

#CloseTwitterGulag RT all of the War tweets that were sent out tonight to support those like #FreeChrisLoesch et al who had been suspended

— Jana Shellman (@wishladya) May 20, 2012!/Mike__Head/status/204421978587795457

Those who want to support their friends and colleagues: Remember to tweet @gov and @support, along with spreading word through #free hashtags.

Update: @gopfirecracker is back!

Back on Twitter! Much love to @michellemalkin, @dloesch, @cnservativepunk, and all of you wonderful, lovely people who helped me out. #hugs

— Leah (@oooitsleah) May 22, 2012

She says, “Twitter confirmed that I was targeted.”

@jhf5 @michellemalkin @TwitchyTeam Hi, I'm a woman, actually. And I broke no rules. Twitter confirmed that I was targeted.

— Leah (@oooitsleah) May 22, 2012

Also, big thanks to Twitter @Support for getting me back up and running so fast. I appreciate it.

— Leah (@oooitsleah) May 22, 2012

Others are still trapped:

Hey guys, we've got another good conservative in #TwitterGulag. Help @Moira1987 out & ask Twitter to #FreeMoira!!

— Leah (@oooitsleah) May 22, 2012

Yo! RT for me! #freeglockandpearls #Freemoira1987 #FreeOrwellForce #freeglockandpearls #Freemoira1987 #FreeOrwellForce

— Leah (@oooitsleah) May 22, 2012

Hey proggies, you can't shut me up or shut me down. I'll be back continue the butt-kicking in a couple hours. Y'all hang around.

— Leah (@oooitsleah) May 22, 2012

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