The Shipment That Showed Up On This Student’s Doorstep Is INSANE. Seriously, WHAT?

In the past year, Amazon announced that they were testing out a drone delivery system. Most people thought that meant Amazon would be delivering orders using drones… but maybe that meant something entirely different for delivery companies. One morning, a huge box showed up on this guy’s doorstep. It was a drone delivery from the UPS. However, it wasn’t delivered by drones… it was a drone.

This arrived on his doorstep, addressed to him. He didn’t order it. … it happened to belong to the US government.

It was an “undelivered” package that the UPS thought was his…

Inside, there was what looked like a US drone, complete with wings and wiring.

Not to mention a control panel, probably for piloting the drone (?).

  Source: Reddit It’d be hard to send this back to the US government. In fact, he should try to put it together and see what happens. (Just don’t blame us if a shady government agency shows up on your doorstep next.) UPDATE: It turns out, it was a drone worth $350,000 and it was just sent to some college student (the person who originally posted the images). Comments on his original post led him to believe that he should contact some agencies that could have been missing the shipment (like the NOAA). He called the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) hotline, the recipient discovered that the drone wasn’t military. He eventually spoke with a commander about the missing shipment. It was picked up by the UPS security head of the local branch. So far, no FBI or CIA agents have showed up on his doorstep for cleanup. This story seems too wild to be true… but it totally is. Share it!

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