The Reason She Puts A Credit Card Up To Her Eye Will Help Your Beauty Routine

Mascara is a huge part of many women’s makeup routines, but it sure can be annoying to deal with.

Many products claim to make your lashes super long and voluminous, but sometimes, the end result looks like clumpy spider legs. And any kind of moisture can make mascara smear all over your eyelids and face if you aren’t using waterproof kinds. But, these are really frustrating to remove at the end of the day.

While mascara may seem like more trouble than it’s worth at times, you can master how to use it effectively with these 17 easy tips. Get your wands ready!

1. Soaking your mascara tube in a cup or jar of warm water before using it will help loosen hardened parts and make the consistency much easier to work with.

2. If your mascara is getting super clumpy, mix in a couple drops of Visine to smooth it out.

3. To get more control and easier application, simply bend your mascara wand.

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