Telling: Tammy Bruce notices something curious about #GoldenGlobes!/Lisa_Luerssen/status/422678071221952512

Wait, what?!/ErnDS/status/422547663045664770

No Obama-fawning during a Hollywood awards show? That’s crazy talk!!/toddstarnes/status/422568776798711808!/RichardGrenell/status/422562906085933056

Did she?!/RichardGrenell/status/422563839050129410

Gee, why would that be?

Tammy Bruce noticed this very strange development as well.!/HeyTammyBruce/status/422567538669518848



It’s funny, and super depressing, because it’s true.

Ms. Bruce then brought it all home with this exit point:!/HeyTammyBruce/status/422570171039895552



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