#TeamDorner cretins root for Dorner to kill more police during gunfight


Horrifying. It has come to this: People are so morally bankrupt that they not only praise a suspected cop-killer, but they root for him to kill more people. During a shootout with police. As Twitchy reported earlier, the fugitive ex-LAPD officer was involved in a shootout with police this afternoon. Two officers are down.

To some sick individuals, this is cause for celebration. And they root for Dorner to kill more.

Dorner shooting at cops ;D #teamdorner

— Cody (@cschwartz99) February 12, 2013

#teamdorner RT @breakingnews: Fugitive former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner exchanges gunfire with authorities in Big Bear area

— Nicky Piscitelli (@stick2st) February 12, 2013

@stick2st ill be so pissed if they kill him im tryna see him off everyone he listed in his manifesto

— Evan (@EvAn2sT) February 12, 2013

@evan2st if they do get him im tryna see him go out wit a bang

— Nicky Piscitelli (@stick2st) February 12, 2013

Go!!!! Down fighting… Chirs DoRnEr…. #teAmdoRner

— N3wkiidOnthABlocC (@iitweetTHATreAl) February 12, 2013



— EL $UCIØ☠E$CØBAR (@YGmateen) February 12, 2013

LAPD is getting EXACTLY what they deserve & nobody is sympathizing a damn bit with them. #TeamDorner

— Lightskin Lisa (@LadyCyprus316) February 12, 2013

Fucc the police 💥💥🔫 #TeamDorner

— The Foundation (@ChiefOfThaHurst) February 12, 2013

I hope he escapes! #TeamDorner #Yeaisaidit

— Marvin Jaime (@Siegel31) February 12, 2013

He’s already shot and wounded 2 policemen tonight! #TeamDorner

— Michael Maloney (@michaelmalonski) February 12, 2013


#TeamDorner …. Let’s Go …. Keep Running and Shooting, Black Man … Don’t go Down without a Fight

— King of Minnesota (@Jack_Napier_) February 12, 2013

Yall respect the one that got shot, I respect the shooter. #TeamDorner

— Smash Adams (@ChefBoyarDON) February 12, 2013

I hope he doesn’t get caught either. RT @isweatoutweaver: Am I wrong for wanting Dorner to not get caught.

— RonnieTheLimoDriver (@theycallmehovjr) February 12, 2013

Lets kill them cops #TeamDorner

— Erik (@ThatVatoErik) February 12, 2013

I hope this nigga Chris Dorner escapes.

— Arabian Prince(@curly_headphuk) February 12, 2013

I hope dorner don’t never get caught lol

— Reggie (@Shakez843) February 12, 2013

I hope Dorner shoots these niggas down and keeps on going, if you gonna go on a kill streak better put numbers up

— Token (@Ivan_splash) February 12, 2013

How could you not be #TeamDorner He’s a black super hero only targeting cops

— Gatsby (@jozefxk) February 12, 2013

I hope dorner kills as many corrupt cops a possible

— †IG CavalleyCocaine (@PearlaCaValley) February 12, 2013

i hope christopher dorner kills all of those cops. he’s the man.

— Nick Caswell (@BasedMazelTov) February 12, 2013

Chris Dorner is in a shootout with the Lapd they found him and so far he has shot 2 cops I hope Dorner kills them… fb.me/22MyfGWRd

— Petey Bouras (@peteyb978) February 12, 2013

I hope they never catch Dorner, and I hope he keeps killing & exposing you crooked ass cops!✌

— MammaSkunksss’♥ (@FattySkunksss) February 12, 2013

I hope Christopher Dorner gets the crooked cops. #justsayin

— Brenda Ramos (@oc_b22) February 12, 2013

I could less about these cop pigs…run Dorner run 🏃🏃

— Hatshepsut(@blackdahlia_305) February 12, 2013

HahaaaaahaRT”@jessedank3000: Chris Dorner is the dude . Keep killin cops n get out the country . Show them pigs for what they really are .”

— K-IDontCare (@KTHEKING740) February 12, 2013

#allfacts RT @thehalesreport: Dorner cant give up, he gotta kill a few more pigs

— TALK TO ME NICE(@KING_KILLA757) February 12, 2013

Keep going Dorner! Take more pigs! #dorner

— Adam Mayes (@theREASON666) February 12, 2013

I hope #Dorner takes out more pigs. Period!! #FTP

— k.c.✩ (@_la_sola_) February 12, 2013

Don’t give up dorner. You got more pigs to lay down.

— thomas young jr (@foreverTyoung) February 12, 2013

Please take as many pigs wit you before they kill you Dorner!!!!!!!

— ✊Malik Martin (@supaSIGMA) February 12, 2013

This Dorner case is now like some action Hollywood movie. A good cop went rogue n shii, I just hope he drops more murderous pigs.

— Blackness Master (@Abdulrahym) February 12, 2013

Dorner need to shoot like 4 or 5 more pigs

— Th€€ ¢A¶Tâ!N (#OGT) (@JassonC) February 12, 2013

More of us rooting for dorner than police does that scare you pigs?

— COKE RESIDUE (@COKERESIDUE) February 12, 2013

I hope Dorner takes out atleast 5 more pigs before they shoot him

— Reppin AZ (@GWOPS1) February 12, 2013

As far as we can tell, these are real Twitter accounts. They are praising a suspected killer and hoping for more deaths of innocent people.

Made the mistake of searching for #TeamDorner on Twitter. I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

— Mike Thompson (@vansau) February 12, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims. And we pray for the safety of all the officers involved in this dangerous manhunt.

As for the moral cretins, may God have mercy on your souls. If you have any. Shame. Shame on you.


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According to multiple Twitter users, the #TeamDorner hashtag was trending a few minutes ago.

So #TeamDorner is trending. God, I hate society.

— Megan (@asianmegan) February 12, 2013

#TeamDorner is trending… I’m actually at a loss for words. Wow.

— Ariana (@A_RBB) February 12, 2013

#TeamDorner is trending… What the hell is wrong with people? #sick

— Tyler Demski (@where_DEM_SKIs) February 12, 2013

Just when you think you’ve seen all things crazy, #TeamDorner is a trending topic. There are some people actually who are behind this moron.

— Joel D. Swisher (@jswishdaman) February 12, 2013

#TeamDorner This trending topic represents everything that is wrong with society and this country right now.

— Robert A. (@OU182) February 12, 2013

Exactly right.

Update: An officer involved in the shootout has died. Yet, reports of supporters continue to come in.

CBS LA just said that Dorner supporters have shown up in Big Bear with signs. Unreal.

— John Ekdahl, Jr. (@JohnEkdahl) February 12, 2013

A deputy shot earlier just died and… RT @johnekdahl CBS LA just said that Dorner supporters have shown up in Big Bear with signs. Unreal.

— Jose (@Jose_Galvan) February 12, 2013

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/02/12/sick-teamdorner-cretins-root-for-dorner-to-kill-more-police-officers-during-gunfight/

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