Some Idiot Faked His Own Death To Propose To His Girlfriend. I Still Can’t Believe Her Response.

It’s been said that traumatic moments form a deep bond between those who experience them together. So, it makes sense to craft a proposal around a fake traumatic event, right? (Err, maybe not.) Regardless of how it sounds, that’s just what Alexey Bykov did. This loverboy faked his own death just so he could ask his girl to marry him.

We’re not sure if that’s true love or insanity.

Alexey set up the scene so that his girlfriend Irena would discover him after getting hit by a car.

He was so serious about his plan, he hired a director, stuntman and makeup artist.

Irena was so upset from seeing her boyfriend “dead,” before he jumped up, she said she nearly killed him for real after he popped the question.

Luckily, she quickly moved past her confusion and gave him a big YES.

This takes the phrase “loving someone to death” to a whole new level. Whew.


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