She Was Playing With Her Dolls When One Moved On Its Own — Watch Carefully!

Forget Chucky and Annabelle. What this dad caught on camera as his little girl played with dolls is just as terrifying as any Hollywood horror film.

Apparently, the dad installed home security cameras after his daughter complained that “something bad” was bothering her. It’s doubtful that he expected to actually see anything, but what he caught one evening as she played with her toys is beyond creepy. Then something just as odd happens while she is coloring four days later! Could they be living in a haunted house, or does the evil stem from the spooky doll?

Watch the doll on the far right closely. As you’ll see, it appears to move its head back and forth. Prepare to jump out of your skin when the little girl begins to color!

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I don’t know about you, but I would definitely throw that doll in the fireplace. Be sure to share this spooky video with your friends, especially those who love horror.

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