She Was Nearly Killed When She Fell, But The Fall Miraculously Cured Her

A new film called Miracles From Heaven chronicles the life of a girl named Annabel Beam, who was diagnosed with two incurable diseases as a child. She was suffering from chronic pain until she fell 30 feet out of a tree one day and landed on her head. Miraculously, Annabel’s diseases were cured because of the fall, and some people say that a bit of divine intervention was at play. It’s an incredible story that will do great at the box office.

But this isn’t just a story that someone made up in a writer’s room. It’s actually based on true events. Annabel Beam is a real girl, and she believes that she was cured of her ailments after a journey to Heaven. Here’s her incredible story. the latest video at

(via Fox News)

How amazing is that? Whatever happened that day, it’s clear that it only made this brave girl stronger.

You can see Miracles from Heaven in theaters on March 18, 2016.

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