She Loved Her Forever Home, But What Happened Will Break Your Heart In Two

Mighty Mutts in Toronto, Canada, provides training for dogs looking to join the canine work force or rehabilitate bad behavior. They also board rescue pups, most saved from death row at other shelters, but the facility has limited space.

This sweet girl named Lana was brought in about a year ago when she was just 10 weeks old. The rough life that led to her ending up in their care made her a bit skittish when meeting new people, but once she warmed up to someone she was content to follow them around anywhere.

They posted these photos of the cutie, hoping to attract a forever home adoption.

Because of her nerves, they wanted to find a home without any small children.

Finally, the happy day arrived when a family came to bring her into their home. They had children, but they hoped over time that Lana would be able to adjust.

Sadly, that never happened. After a year of trying to give her a happy life, the family and folks at Mighty Mutts agreed it would be better for Lana to return to the shelter and find an adults-only home.

Unfortunately, this took a depressing toll on the pup, as can be clearly seen in this heartbreaking photo of her taken a few days ago.

All of Lana’s old fears and anxieties returned in full force. She is so reluctant to leave her cage, only doing so when two specific people are there to coax her out. The crew is working on solving her resurfaced guarding issues and nervousness while they pray for a foster or forever home for the poor girl.

“When she is with people she knows and trusts,” they explain on Facebook, “she is a silly and sweet [girl]. Lana is great left alone, good with other animals (cats/dogs), however, she will exhibit guarding behaviours around food with other animals. She LOVES to go hiking and is […] very good on leash. She also likes car rides…well, she will still fall asleep almost as soon as the car begins to move, just like when she was a tiny pup.”

You can help her find the urgent home she so desperately deserves by sharing her story and donating to the Mighty Mutts to help fund her boarding. Hopefully she won’t be spending too much more time in her sad condition.

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