Sandy Hook Parents Have Already Dealt With So Much, Which Makes This So Disgusting

Parents of the children who were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary have been to hell and back over the last four years, but some people are tormenting them further by claiming that it never even happened.

Len Pozner’s six-year-old son, Noah, was one of those murdered during the 2012 mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. He was only in the first grade. Now others are just adding to this father’s pain by not only saying the whole thing was fake, but by leaving threatening messages on his voicemail.

According to these conspiracy theorists, the shooting was an elaborate hoax set up by U.S. government officials and President Obama to push stricter gun control laws.

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The false information has been appearing in content published all over the internet. “They don’t think anything bad ever happens, they don’t think anyone ever gets hurt. They think whenever they see anything on the web or on television that is a crime or mass casualty event that has to be a hoax,” Pozner told CNN.

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