Redditor Went On Dive And Found An Eerie Shipwreck That Had Yet To Be Explored

According to dcrystal127, “This ship went down 48 hours prior to me diving. From the surface I thought I had spotted the sandbar I wanted to be on. As I came down, I realized what it was.”

Others on the dive were equally intrigued by the sunken ship. “I told the captain and he asked me to photograph it. He later told me that he heard that a ship went down somewhere on the island but he wasn’t sure of its exact location,” dcrystal127 writes.

User Beej67 asked if they discovered what caused the ship to sink, but apart from a few scrapes on the port side, there wasn’t much indication of what happened to the boat. It seems as though everyone on the ship was rescued, but it’s still mysterious, mostly because the boat has no name on its side.

The explorer concluded, “Being the first person on this wreck was incredibly eerie. There were personal things everywhere, including a note (that I haven’t posted the photo of because it contains what appears to be personal information) that still was easily legible. Seeing a wreck in such great shape was something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.”

Later, other divers came to explore the sunken boat. They even ended up finding a very old bottle of rum, but it sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience to have been the first one down there. And the pictures are incredible.

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Who knows what else is out there just waiting to be found?

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