Purr-fection: Cat has crush on Hugh Jackman at SAG Awards

Actor Hugh Jackman walked the SAG Awards red carpet tonight and had many, many fans drooling:

Photo: Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway on the red carpet of the 2013 SAG Awards [x] tmblr.co/ZyrwKycp1KhS

— Hayley Jonas-Criss (@somejonasgleek) January 28, 2013

Love him RT @usatoday_style: “We gotta go in!” yells Hugh Jackman’s rep twitter.com/USAToday_style…

— MelN (@Mel452) January 28, 2013

Hugh Jackman is just the nicest guy in Hollywood. Can he be on every red carpet??? #SAGawards #Eredcarpet

— Lauren Veneziani (@DCfilmgirl) January 28, 2013

Hugh Jackman, damn you are fine…

— Chumi Nogales (@lalotif) January 28, 2013

Hugh Jackman looking fine as ever at the #SAGS

— Nicole Zduncyk (@NZduncyk_) January 28, 2013

@eonline Hugh Jackman #ohmygod #gorgeous

— Caty Garibay (@catygaribay) January 28, 2013

But this feline fan takes the cake:

Can’t watch the SAG Awards without China drooling over Hugh Jackman twitter.com/imagine_cats/s…

— Catnip Everdeen (@imagine_cats) January 28, 2013


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