Pregnant Wife Takes Nap, Husband Realizes Shes In Labor But Won’t Wake Up

Kleine-Levin syndrome (KLS) is a one-in-a-million disease.

KLS, which is often referred to as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, is a neurological sleep disorder characterized by large, episodic periods of continuous sleep. Each episode can last anywhere from one week up to an entire month. Because of the syndrome’s rarity, not much genetic research has been conducted and there is currently no cure.

Sadly, the world doesn’t stop for a person suffering from KLS, meaning that many birthdays, anniversaries, and other important celebrations are often missed. One mom from Birmingham even slept through her the birth of her first son.

While still awaiting a formal diagnosis, 24-year-old Jody Robson believes that she has been dealing with KLS since she was a young child.

Robson’s first taste of the sleep disorder came when she was just 12 years old. After attending a slumber party with her friends, she didn’t wake up for nearly eight days. Upon waking up, the little girl suffered temporary memory loss, forgetting who and where she was.

Over a decade later, Robson has suffered 50 episodes and has missed numerous birthdays and holidays because of her condition. During an episode, Robson may appear to be awake and going through the motions of her daily life, however, she is not aware of her surroundings.

But none of Robson’s sleep episodes were as extreme or as heartbreaking as the episode that occurred during the pregnancy of her first child.

Falling asleep just one day before going into labor, the mom-to-be awoke more than three weeks later with no recollection of giving birth to her newborn son. Robson has only the stories told by doctors and her husband, Steve, to remember the day.

Discover more about Robson’s battle with her rare condition below.

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